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Real Estate

Real Estate may be the most important asset you ever own. It can provide you a lifetime of enjoyment as your home, as well as being your single most valuable asset.

Recent changes to real estate conveyancing include new rules regarding disclosure, the introduction of title insurance,  and the E-reg electronic registry system. It is important for you to have your Agreement of Purchase and Sale reviewed by a lawyer before it becomes final, and to meet with a lawyer before closing to answer any questions you may have. Some offices offer low fees, but then add extra disbursements at the end of the deal.

Lawrence Blokker is experienced in real estate matters, including:

  • residential purchases and sales;
  • condominium closings;
  • leases;
  • mortgages and financing;
  • landlord and tenant issues;
  • minor variances and zoning bylaw amendments

and offers these services at competitive rates. Contact our office by telephone or email for a detailed quotation.

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