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Planning for the future is an important and ongoing process. The goal behind estate planning is to protect your assets and to provide for those who depend on you.

Proper estate planning should consider the type of assets you own, your family status and number of dependants, your life style and your health. While reducing tax liability can also be an important consideration, care must be taken not to lose control of assets for that purpose alone. Special consideration must be given to assets owned outside of Canada, and to ownership in active business operations.

Estate planning tools include:

  • a proper Last Will and Testament
  • Life Insurance
  • a partnership or shareholder agreement where applicable
  • proper use of joint tenancies
  • financial power of attorney
  • family trusts
  • powers of attorney for personal care (living will)

When a loved one passes away, many legal issues arise including administration of the deceased's estate.

Lawrence Blokker practises in estate planning and administering estates.

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